Stacey Phillips, M.A., RCC - Supporting Children & Families
Congratulations on making your first step toward wellness! 
Are you or your family feeling stuck? It is a common complaint to feel stuck in difficult feelings, unhealthy relationships or unhealthy patterns of relating to others. Being stuck often interferes with the ability to move forward in life and achieve wellness. It can feel like each day you go through the steps of life but there is no enjoyment; like you are not in control of your own life journey. In this case the goal of therapy is to reconnect with hopes, dreams and regain control by working through the stuck-ness and re-gaining a sense of self and family.  
I offer counselling services for individuals and families who are experiencing this stuck feeling and who are looking for support in starting or continuing their journey toward wellness and happiness. I am passionate about getting to know my clients to help them to achieve wellness by providing support and teaching families life long skills to cope with difficulties, and to promote positive relationships and growth. 
This may include difficulties with anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms, life transitions, grief or loss, bullying, relationship issues, etc.
If you are interested in receiving counselling services unique to you and your family's needs, please call today to start your wellness journey.
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